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In September 2009, Chengdu Tianfu Software Park Co., Ltd. formally established the Outsourcing Solution Center (TOSC), which is committed to promoting the development of West China's software industry through service outsourcing. TOSC currently has more than 200 employees and is mainly engaged in embedded software and hardware development, application software development and business process outsourcing. Moreover, TOSC also provides enterprise-class solutions and consulting services and offers customers with commissioned software development, talent dispatch, BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) and other flexible delivery models. TOSC has accumulated large amounts of development experience in such areas as streaming media, broadband communications, automotive electronics, logistics informationization, mobile Internet applications, OA integration, etc. TOSC has successfully completed many projects for Fujitsu, MediaTek, Askey Computer, TCL, China Mobile, Microsoft, China Telecom and other famous companies. It has also set up a BOT technical support center for Cisco and is now responsible for the operation and management of the center.



1. Embedded software development (RDS)

Mainly provides solutions and services associated with terminal-based embedded product engineering, including:

1) Home multimedia development

2) Automotive electronics & multimedia development

3) Communication-related software development

4) Terminal device drive and application development


2. Application software development (ITS)

Mainly provides application software development and industry solutions, including:

1) Intelligent warehousing and logistics

2) Mobile Internet industry applications

3) System integration

4) Global testing

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